Our story is all about your story

Whatismyhealth began as a research study called, "What is Health: The American Perception of Overall Health," and has become a platform dedicated to educating, connecting, challenging and empowering people to improve their overall health.

The "What is Health" study is designed to understand how people perceive health and wellness. "Health" is an extremely broad term with a variety of definitions and dimensions. Your perception of health is influenced by what you need, your experiences, and the information you gather from the media and those around you. Your needs and experiences are unique to you, and so the way you define health is also likely to be different from the way anyone else defines health.

Whatismyhealth is a platform for sharing a variety of information and articles pertaining to the 8 Dimensions of Health. This project challenges you to build upon and expand your current views about health by asking, "What does health mean to you?" Answering this question in terms of "My Health Is," we can begin to realize what is most important to us and our health, and to make new, deeper connections between many different health concepts.