Mental Health relates directly to emotions

and includes coping mechanisms, self-evaluation, and temperament. The ability to react well to change and to maintain a positive mindset has a direct impact on mental health. Mental health conditions occur internally and can be determined through psychological evaluation, and may or may not be outwardly visible to others.


Building Blocks for Mental Health


Emotional and Psychological Wellness

Emotional and Psychological wellness are shaped by brain chemistry, environment, genetics, and personal experience throughout life. Feelings of confidence and sense of purpose, as well as the ability to adapt  and react positively to change are key indicators of positive mental health. Emotional and psychological wellness can both impact, and be impacted by factors across the various dimensions of health. Read more

Stress Management

Stress management (or "coping mechanisms") refers to tactics used to reduce the negative effects of stress. The effective use of coping mechanisms is closely connected to physical health, as stress has an effect on the mind and the body. Stress management often takes place in the form of activities that fall within each of the eight dimensions of health. Read more



Self-Esteem is the belief in oneself and abilities, and inward sense of respect, value and worth. Self-Esteem begins to form at an early age and can continue to change throughout life based on experiences, feedback from others, and genetics. The role of self-esteem is significant to decision-making and relationship development, and can influence risk-taking behaviors that affect one's health. Read more


Resilience is the ability to adapt, persevere, and overcome challenging situations and setbacks. Drawing comparisons to the concept of "inner strength," it is believed that resilience directly relates to choosing positive coping mechanisms for stress. It is also believed that being resilient can help in prevention and recovery from disease, disorders, illness, and injury. Read more



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