Occupational Health is the pursuit of a job

or career that provides one with a sense of fulfillment and personal enrichment. The ability to be productive can be influenced by a variety of conditions in the workplace including demands and expectations, the nature of the work, the layout and organization of the work space, safety, and the structure of the business.


Building Blocks for Occupational Health


Job Enrichment and Fulfillment

Job enrichment is the principle that involves motivating workers by introducing challenging opportunities to one's work responsibilities to break repetition and mundane activity. Job fulfillment is the feeling that the results of one's work is beneficial to others in some way. Tasks that promote enrichment and fulfillment are likely to increase productivity, and can include creative problem-solving and positive reinforcement among employees.

Productivity and Work Space

Productivity refers to the work-related tasks one can complete in a given amount of time. This can include the making of products, rendering of services, or the completion of forms, projects, and other work-related documents. The condition, layout, and organization of one's work space can serve to boost or hinder productivity by making it easier or more difficult to complete a particular task.


Safety in the Workplace

Safety in the workplace relates to a variety of conditions that exist within a work space and can be conducive or harmful to productivity. Workers are legally entitled to a workplace that is without health and safety hazards. This includes having procedures in place for proper equipment use, as well as unforeseen events such as fire or extreme weather conditions. Additional safety measures such as periodic movement breaks to prevent against the risks of being sedentary can be taken on an individual basis,



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