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In today’s world, everything is either hyper-sexualized or kept hidden. Spaces for open, honest and informative conversations about sex, sexuality and how to take care of oneself while being sexually active are few and far between...

It’s time to change that.

Whatismyhealth has partnered with Planned Parenthood of Nassau County to hear what their awesome team of sex educators have to say. PPNC works out and about on Long Island in community centers, classrooms and more, hosting workshops and conversation about numerous sexual health topics. No topic is left undiscussed.

Understanding all of the birth control options available? Check ✓
Protecting oneself from STIs, including HIV? You bet ✓
Navigating conversations around consent and condom use? Ab. So. Lutely. ✓

We’re amped to share what this ultimate squad has to say about various areas of sexual health. AND, we hope that in this age of navigating #adulting, it helps you understand your body and your relationships a little more comfortably. Isn’t that what being empowered truly is about?