Work Like a Boss

Three years ago I started my health and wellness journey for myself because I was not happy with the way I looked or felt.  I did not start out intending to have my own business, in fact, that was the furthest thing from my mind. I was concentrating on improving my own well-being and living a healthier life. It wasn’t just about losing the twenty pounds; my whole experience resulted in me becoming a better and more positive person.

Like anything, though, one thing led to another. People saw my results and wanted to know how I did it. Boom! I was fully immersed in the business because I wanted people to feel the same way I did.

I’ve always believed in serving others and now I am able to use Beachbody as my platform for my sphere of influence. Everyone has a sphere of influence no matter what line of work they’re in. Despite finding mine, I struggled with getting into a groove of being my own boss.

So many of us are used to following a schedule, clocking in at a certain time, completing certain tasks our boss asks of us, etc. Deviating from that structured corporate lifestyle is like going from high school to college.

Remember, when you went to college and you had all of that free time? Wait, I can slam a Red Bull and do my homework at 3 a.m. in the library?  I don’t have to do it as soon as I get home or my parents won’t let me watch TV? Awesome!

Yeah, until reality hits and you realize how difficult it is to plan out your day.  It takes work!

So, here’s the thing, I understand that everyone is out there hustling to support their family. I am too! But if you’re not giving all of your energy and work into one particular thing how are you going to be great? I think there’s a common misnomer about what it takes to be your own boss.  Truth is, you actually have to work.

After three years in business, I can tell you what you need and what you don’t to be successful. One thing is for sure, I certainly don’t earn an income just because I work out every day and eat healthy (although, wouldn’t that be great?)


First things first, you need to plan your day. Yes, we all have busy lives but guess what the most successful people in this world have the same 24 hours as we do. It just takes 100% effort and planning. You should be flexible if you don’t accomplish everything on your list for the day, but try to get at least half of it done. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, start with the most important tasks first so you know you’re chipping away at the toughest things that take up most of your time. The smaller tasks will be easier to fit in when you have a spare moment.

Show Up

Understand that being your own boss doesn’t mean it isn’t a job. You still have to show up every day, do personal development, grow your business, connect with others, amongst other things that come with working. I see so many people try to work from home and fail because they have this idea of what being an entrepreneur is and in reality it’s far from “the dream” they have. I work from home, sometimes in my pajamas, and can do it from anywhere in the world but I still have to show up. I can’t just expect an income to pop into my account each week.


Know what else is involved with growing your own business? You have to invest! You must invest time, energy, and money. You’ve heard the saying, “it takes money to make money.” Yes, it does. Some of my investments over the past three years have included travel to trade shows, product investment, training, gifts to my challengers and coaches, technology improvements, and more. If you can’t invest in growing your business how do you expect others to get on board with you?

At this point you’re probably thinking, wow, this whole entrepreneur thing sounds like a drag. The thing is, it’s the complete opposite, it is empowering. I can’t tell you how much confidence I’ve grown in the past three years because I am my own boss. I’ve gained spiritual and financial freedom. I don’t have to answer to any particular person and my success rides solely on my efforts.

Is it hard? Of course it is, but you find me anything that is worth having that didn’t take 100% effort to get.