Songs To Show Support

Welcome to the “Songs To…” series on “Being In Tune!”

I’ll be heading to social media in search of your input for your go-to songs, ones that you listen to in different situations (like, when you’re relaxing, or when you’re sitting in traffic). Give me your feedback, share your thoughts, and become an even bigger part of this musical journey. I'll give four of your picks and one of my own.

Songs To... Show Support

I recently found myself with a completely free weekend, one with no work, no responsibilities, and nothing to take care of. What did I do with myself? I went to Queens to have a sleepover with two of my besties, who also happen to be engaged.

Alex is my numero uno, the best of the best friends. Before she got a real ring, she and I had plans to be soul sisters forever, have a dozen puppies and open up a bakery. Those plans are currently being revised since I’ve been bumped off the fiancée pedestal by her actual beau, but I’ve happily taken on the title of “Forever Third Wheel.”

Alex and I have been friends for almost 10 years and our M.O. tends to be to have a serious catch-up session about once a month. The sleepover was our ticket, and we took full advantage, staying up until almost 6 AM talking about life, love, family, jobs, and the future. We’ve both got a lot of amazing things going on, and I have to say I’m really proud of how far we’ve both come since sophomore year of college, but we’ve both still got some challenges ahead, too.

I admire Alex for how strong and level-headed she is in most aspects of her life. She’s smart, grounded, and logical, and therefore one of my go-to people when I’m having an emotional crisis. But underneath all of that, she’s also sensitive, has a gigantic heart, and sometimes shies away from asking for help. I’m happy that we have our regular catch-up sessions because it fills me in on a deeper level and helps me to learn how to better be there for her.

Think about the important people in your life. How do you show them you’re there for them? How do you give them support and let them know that you’re by their side through whatever they’re going through?

My answers? Keep in contact. Make plans. Offer an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. And of course, sharing music. You all seem to be on the same page as me, and sharing with me on social media tons of songs that help show support to the people we love the most.

Your Picks

℗ 1972 Warner Bros. Records Inc.

“You’ve Got A Friend”
James Taylor

One of the sincerest songs of friendship I’ve ever heard.


℗ 2004 Warner Bros. Manufactured and Marketed by Warner Strategic Marketing

“I’ll Stand By You”
The Pretenders

You need to cry? Cry. You need to get mad? Get mad. I’ll stand by you no matter what.


℗ 2017 Matador

Queens of the Stone Age

“It ain’t if you fall, but how you rise that says who you really are.”


℗ 1986 Tommy Boy Music

“Lean On Me”
Club Nouveau

An 80’s remake of an R&B classic. “We all need somebody to lean on.”


My Pick

℗ 2015 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

“Stand By You”
Rachel Platten

Two posts in a row for Rachel! Kudos, girl, kudos.

I first heard this song when I was going through a really difficult situation, and when I listened through it, I cried… a lot. It immediately made me think of Alex; it was one of those songs that felt like it was written by her, for me.

Going through the hard parts of life can be scary, but I’ve found that knowing we have people there for us, even just to walk through it with us, can be the biggest help of all. Alex and I have “walked through hell” a bunch of times in the last 9 years, though never alone; we were always there for each other, and always will be. “Love, you’re not alone.”


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