Playlist 4: Powerfully Fierce

A productive and happy weekend should mean a productive and happy week ahead, right?...

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Cher Lloyd

This has been a day to sing about. Why, you ask?

1) I finished my two midterm papers!
2) I had the house to myself all day-always a great time to blast music and sing your face off.
3) I’m singing in a karaoke contest on Wednesday and needed to flex the pipes and test out some material.

Naturally, I turned on my “Sang It, Gurl” playlist and proceeded to dabble with item #3. Any time this song comes on, I approach it as an epic challenge that I must fight to overcome because it is for me! The notes are high and drawn out, and as a low alto, it’s a real push. But I was able to do it! (Okay, so I really only sang one full chorus before I thought my voice was going to blow out, but it’s still an accomplishment.)

Fun fact about me: not only am I passionate about listening to music, but I also love to sing. I’m pretty sure I love it more than making art, which is something I probably shouldn’t necessarily be blogging about as a future art therapist, but it’s the truth. Singing makes me feel alive, confident, powerful and free. Being able to hit notes like the ones in this song amplifies that sense of freedom to the nth degree. That release I wrote about needing last Friday? It has been achieved.

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Jacob Whitesides

I’m not overthinking this one. There were a ton of songs that I jammed to all day, lots that made me feel good, but I really like this one. It’s got a little attitude and the punchy melody put a sassy smirk on my face. Not to mention Mr. Whitesides is singing about a strong woman who doesn’t take any B.S.; it’s kind of cool hearing that from a guy’s perspective. Sure he’s worried about his own heartache for messing something up with this assumedly lovely lady, but all I’m really hearing is female empowerment, which is making me enjoy it even more. It’s a fun little tune!


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“You Oughta Know”
Alanis Morissette

In honor of tonight’s karaoke contest, this has to be my song choice. Every time I sing this, I try and imagine what it might feel like to actually have been Alanis, or any woman who has been so wronged by a significant other that she felt the need to write lyrics like this. And let me tell you, by the time I was finished, I was exhausted.

Performing this song in true Alanis fashion stirred something up in me and had an actual physical effect, which I think is a serious testament to her artistry. I’ve really never experienced the level of impassioned anger that is embedded into this song in my own life, and yet while I was singing, it felt like my experience. It’s amazing to me how much can be communicated and translated through music, and how putting yourself into the artist’s shoes can elicit such strong feelings.

Note: I did not win the contest, but my friend did! Just wait until next week, though…

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Does anyone else get goosebumps by the grittiness of Sia’s voice on pretty much any song she sings? With all of her chart-topping, power-anthem hits, it can be easy to get entranced by her voice and a melody and look past some of the lyrical genius that’s embedded into her songs.

When I’m singing along with this song in my car, it feels positive and uplifting, but it actually covers a pretty heavy topic. As it turns out, Sia is in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, so this song seems to be a quite literal message to the “Reaper” about how she’s not ready to die. In her words, she’s “got good things to feel in [her] life.”

Yes, it’s a little dark, but look how she does it! Sia has this ability to convey some serious, heartfelt messages in way that feels empowering and relatable (think “Titanium,” “Chandelier”). And, exclaiming “No baby, no baby, not today” to the Reaper in such a cool and confident way? Now that’s just fierce.

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“You Don’t Own Me”
Grace f/ G-Eazy

I’ve been having a difficult time deciding on songs for Fridays; for whatever reason, I haven’t been connecting with the tunes as easily. I sometimes feel like I’m picking something that fits into whatever theme I’ve noticed developing for the week. Not that that’s a bad method, but I want to make sure that my picks are authentic.

I guess I can’t expect to have a strong reaction to a song every single day. Sometimes my response might be more subtle, and maybe I need to put less pressure on myself to have this deep and elaborate rationale all the time. There are definitely some days where I just enjoy music for what it is, which at the end of the day is what’s really important.

What I like about this song is Grace’s unapologetic need to not be influenced or tied down. If there were ever a tune that was an obvious testament to a woman who knows what she wants, it’s this one. Props need to go to Leslie Gore since she did the song first, but I definitely dig Grace’s delivery and the hip-hop twist.

Weekly Wrap-Up

There was definitely a trend in this week’s song choices: music by or about strong, stand-up-for-yourself women. It definitely helped me tap into my inner fierceness.

Stand-Out Song of the Week: “Sirens”

Expressing myself through singing gives me a sense of freedom and confidence that I don’t get from any other activity.

When do you feel most confident?
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