Introducing: In Our Own Skin

We live in a world where we are encouraged to constantly improve and strive for the “ideal.” Whether it’s in our jobs, how much money we have, or in our appearance. how we look on the outside has become the most commonly perceived indicator of our “health" and our “worth.” When we struggle to attain what we believe is the “right” body, we tend to blame ourselves.

The “In Our Own Skin” collection is a combined effort to change the way we think about body image and our health. With a diverse group of writers from varying ethnic backgrounds and gender identities, we hope to start a conversation about the complex ideas and questions that come along with varying perspectives of body image.

How do you practice body kindness and self-care, while living in a larger body?

How do we find a balance between what makes us feel good and what we are told is healthy?

How, if at all, does body image play a role in our life?

These questions and more are what we hope to explore with you, as we share our own journeys and thoughts on something that affects so much of us every day. We hope to discover how to feel more comfortable living in our own skin.

In Our Own Skin officially debuts Wednesday, June 6th, 2018. Stay tuned each week of May as we introduce our team of writers!

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