Summer Ready

Summer body? What is that?

Summer is a season most people are looking forward to. Great weather, parties and gatherings, and plenty of opportunities to show some skin.

With the weather heating up and summer just around the corner, you may not want to be spending countless hours stuck inside the gym. If you’re busting your hump to fit into that sundress or show off those abs of steel, there are some quick and effective ways to maximize your workout life. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Getting Some Sun

First and foremost, I love just being outside soaking up the vitamin D from the sun, letting loose and showcasing the hard work you have put in all winter season. Personally, living in Jacksonville, FL, my new favorite past time is riding a beach bike up and down 1st street. Riding let’s you kill two birds with one stone, getting some exercise while showcasing that “hot body” (insert Britney Spears voice) to the world. If you don’t have access to a street made for only bike riders, I highly recommend finding some local trails or a state park.

Local Trails & Parks

Expanding on the trails and state parks idea, these are great resources to use. We are one of the few countries to have that type of reserved land- so hike it, swim it, bike ride it, paddleboard it, tube it, love it. Florida and other states I have lived in have some of the most amazing water attractions, as well as natural springs where you can go marvel in the beauty that is nature. Click here for a list of some national parks in your area.

Home Workouts

Finally, use that home gym we have talked about in previous articles and try those workouts outside. You can also grab your dog, your significant other, some friends, or just go solo and use the summer heat to your advantage. Everyone needs those quick, body clanging sweat fests for workouts, so join the idea of “30 mins or less,” and then enjoy the freedom that is summer.

Here’s a favorite simple, quick workout- my version of the “Filthy 50.” This combines cardio with some strength aspects, and what isn’t to love when you can burn some calories and be out of the gym in time for happy hour?

“Filthy 50” Workout

50 Pushups (modified as needed)
50 Squats (with weights, optional)
50 Situps (with weights, optional)
50 Pullups (or Rows)
50 Leg Raises
1/2 mile (500m) row, or 1-mile bike ride

I hope this opens your mind to new possibilities and helps you remember to break down some new walls and get out of your comfort zone. That’s all for now!

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