Playlist 12: New Beginnings

So many new things have happened in the last week! I gained a new sister, got a new job and am less than two weeks away from my trip to Ireland, which means I’m downloading tons of new music to listen to on vacation. It also happens to be the beginning of June this week so this playlist encompasses all of the awesome new things going on in my world.

Released: Oct 14, 2016℗ 2016 DCD2/Crush Music


"Lights Down Low"

Guys. My brother got married this weekend. MARRIED! How is this possible?!

Any time I think of him, I imagine the goofy little kid that I grew up with, the boy that would make up games with me in the backyard, who protected me to the point of irritation, and who made my tiny family feel a little more full and fun at holidays and occasions. We were little kids two seconds ago, and most days I feel like we still are when we get together. We’ve grown to be incredibly close, and I now consider him my best friend. And now he’s married! Wow. Clearly I’m still feeling lots of feels about this. 

On the flip side, I could not be happier about the recent nuptials. I gained an incredible big sister (something I’ve always wanted) and the celebration was absolutely unreal; beautiful venue, touching ceremony, and the most crazy fun I think I’ve ever had. I know the bride and groom feel the same, which makes me the happiest little sister of all time.

I chose this song today because it’s my new favorite wedding song! Although it was not the wedding song this weekend, the video and sentiment behind it (including the extended music video that has clips from singer MAX and his wife during their own wedding) is so lovely. I love MAX’s voice, I find it so sultry and sentimental, and hearing him sing while watching he and his wife get ready to be married is absolutely dreamy.

I think I could gush about this for an entire week, but I’ll let the sweetness of this song can continue speaking for me. 

Released: Apr 07, 2017 ℗ 2017 Dualtone Music Group, Inc.


"Only Songs"
The Wild Reeds

Speaking of new things, I was introduced to a new radio station recently: WFUV 90.7, Fordham University’s radio station. It’s GREAT. I’m told they play tons of different types of music depending on day and time, but most times that I’ve tuned in, it’s been alternative rock or indie, like “Only Songs.”

In a matter of a 30 minute drive home, I heard 5 songs in a row that I immediately jotted down in my “Download” note in my phone. It’s a little hidden gem for anyone who likes hearing new music that will probably never be played on mainstream radio.

Upon first hearing this I thought, I’ve heard similar voices to these before (see: First Aid Kit) but after listening a little more, I do think they have their own sound. They’re chill and femme with a little bit of a rock edge. The video makes me want to be friends with the band, because silly dress up nights, yard sales and adult lemonade stands seriously look like a ton of fun and something I’d try to force my friends to do with me. All are welcome!

Released: May 26, 2017℗ 2017 Atlantic Records UK, a Warner Music Group company


"Your Song"
Rita Ora

I woke up with the song “Lollipop” by Mika playing in my head for who knows what reason. I thought about choosing that for today’s hump day pick but the song didn’t stick. The positive bubbly mood was consistent throughout the day, so I found a replacement with “Your Song.”

This is one of many new tunes I’ve been racking up into my iTunes and it’s so fun. I only have two other songs by Rita Ora in my music library, but I actually really like her voice. It’s smoky and pretty and has a little grit to it, and she’s got quite the range which, as you know, I’m always jealous of. For me, it’ll probably wind up being one of the anthems of summer ’17.

A website described it as “buoyant” which is oddly enough the perfect adjective. The background music makes me think of bubbles floating and popping all around me. I’m envisioning a music video here: bubbles, lots of color and fun make-up, like Katy Perry but with less rainbows and strange costumes. Someone should pay me to direct this. I’ll leave my agents’ contact information at the bottom of the page.

Released: 2005℗ (C) 2005 Megaphonic Records


"Hide and Seek"
Imogen Heap

I got a job today! Not an official “art therapy” job, but a part time job teaching painting classes. It’s something I’ve done before in several different modalities, and I find it so much fun. There was a two part interview process, a regular interview and then a “paint off” where we had to teach the staff a small painting. I’ve been waiting patient since Tuesday to hear back about the decision (a whole two days, I know, but I’m antsy!), and I just got the congratulatory email! I’m probably way too excited about this, but it’s really nice to be finished with school and be able to jump back into working, making money, and doing something I really enjoy.

I chose this song because it’s one that I like to listen to when I paint on my own. It’s a sort of ode to the new job that is going to force me to paint a lot more than I do right now. I find it so odd, so interesting, and thought-provoking, and not just because the first lyric asks “Where are we?”

I have always found this song haunting, and although I don’t completely understand all of the words, any time I hear it I stop to listen through. I have this weird magnetism towards it, almost like I’m spellbound without actually doing anything particularly weird as a result. I like listening to it when I’m painting because it captures my attention and makes me pause and focus, which can be helpful when I’m sitting and wondering where to start with a blank canvas.

Released: Mar 02, 2010℗ 2010 Position Music


"Happy as the Sun"
Tyrone Wells

The last new tune to wrap up the week comes from a recommendation from my new big sis. She had sent this my way when I was looking for songs that put people in a good mood. You’re either going to love this song or hate it, because it is so sickeningly adorable and sweet that it will probably have a polarizing effect on the general population. I happen to love it.

Today was such a happy day, too! I had two interviews (these were for art therapy jobs) which was exciting and totally unexpected, seeing as I graduated less than two weeks ago. I felt really important! Dressed up, driving myself to and fro, I felt like a serious adult who had serious responsibilities; it was a new and awesome feeling. Not only is this song happy, as made obvious by the title, but it’s also really relaxing, which helped to calm the nerves that were creeping up throughout the day. The warm sunny day we had today totally adds to the allure of picking this song; another little glimpse of summer weather has me beaming.

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week has been full of fresh new beginnings and I genuinely feel revitalized from the inside out. So optimistic for what’s to come!

Stand-Out Song: “Only Songs”

I can’t get enough of this song, I’ve been watching and listening all week.

What songs have you been playing on repeat?
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