The Processional Effect of Our Actions

Consider for a moment that every action you take has some sort of processional effect on the universe and ourselves. Whether it’s apparent at first or not, it is certainly well worth considering. From our daily interactions with others, to daily disciplines such as making our bed, or simply getting out of bed without snoozing the alarm, every action we take (or don’t take) has with it some sort of processional effect!

The best way I can put it is this: think of someone who inspires you to be your best self. Whether that person knows it or not, by their actions and ways of being, they have affected you in some way shape or form. Or, perhaps consider a CEO of a company. By the nature of taking an idea or product and building a company around it, the processional effects of their actions are almost unfathomable. They not only provide people with jobs and income, but also contribute to society and the economy as well.

It has been said, “It is a simple procedure to calculate the number of seeds in an apple. But who among us can ever say how many apples are in a seed?”[1]. When I finally understood this, I realized that there is no idea too big or small to make a difference. All thoughts and actions carry with it “seeds” for unlimited possibility.

It’s very inspiring to set an intention for personal growth as well, because of the type of person you will need to be to become it. The person you develop into is a byproduct of that intention. This is really powerful stuff. I’ve found that it is true, and this has been one of the most important and driving factors in my life.

Whether we are conscious of it at times or not, we possess the ability to positively affect the world and the people in our lives through our actions (good or bad). The best part is that if we continue to grow and share our growth with others, they will grow as well. These people then have the chance to affect others in their own circle of influence, and so on and so on. The limits to this are only within the mind.

Another example of this is the famous story of Roger Bannister. He was the first person to break the elusive 4-minute mile record back in 1954. Before Banister, everyone thought this was impossible. As fate would have it of course, Roger did in fact break the barrier and perceived limitation, and proved to the world that it could be done. Precisely as a processional effect of his actions, dozens of people soon began to break the 4-minute mile barrier as well. Thanks to Roger, the racing and running world has never been the same.

Every action that you and I take, will always have an effect on the others and the world around us. We never can truly know what will come of it, and how we may impact others as a result, but we can control the intent behind our actions.

It’s important to remember that we will never know just who we are affecting and inspiring with our actions and ways of being. This always helps me get inspired when I’m taking actions for things that are bigger than myself, whether it be fundraising, writing this article, teaching, or speaking. When I focus my attention on the way I will be affecting the world around me, it always helps me dig deep within myself and exceed myself, to change the world in a positive way.

What actions can you take today that will have a positive processional effect on yourself, others, your community, and the world as a whole?
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[1] Dyer, W. M. (2005). Everyday Wisdom (p. 62). N.p.: Hay House Inc.