Daily Disciplines: Foundations for Success

The secret to achieving success in most things we do in our lives will often be a direct result from our strong foundations.

Just like a house needs a firm foundation to be built upon, so do we in our lives. I believe our strong foundations come especially from the habits, rituals, and routines that we practice everyday. These positive things we do help to create the foundation for our lives so that we have a healthy space to operate from.

Just as I teach in my yoga classes to build strong and stable poses from the ground up, I think it’s important that we make sure we have effective rituals in place each day to build the strong foundation of our lives. 

I know for myself, when I skip my healthy habits which form the foundation for my life, my days aren’t as great as I know they could be. For example, I have certain physical. mental, and spiritual foundations that give me access to an empowered life when I make sure to carve out time for them. When I don’t, I can almost always feel the difference.

To me, having a good day all starts the day before.

What I mean is this: each night if I go to bed early, I’ve set up the foundation to have a powerful and intentional day the next day. By going to bed early the night before, I am able to wake up early the next day (usually around 5 to 5:30), make my bed, spend time in meditation and prayer, and exercise all before I start my day and head out into the world. This crucial time is my own foundation, around which I am able to build my most successful days.

By giving myself this strong foundation, I am already physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared to tackle whatever the upcoming day may throw at me. I truly believe that these types of foundations we create for our lives come in the little things we do each and everyday. How we do anything is how we do everything. It may be difficult at times to adhere to our disciplines, but it is always worth it in the end because they will be a source of inner strength and certainty for us.

Of course, it is also important to remember that we are human. Life can sometimes get in the way; we will not always be able to follow our daily disciplines, and that’s totally normal. What I do believe is that by continually working on and practicing our foundational habits, we strengthen them and make them more a part of who we are. This way, when life gets us off track, it’s not so hard to come back to them because we’ve made them an integral part of who we are.

If you don’t have a set of daily habits and disciplines, consider this an opportunity to get curious about ones that you’d like to start practicing in your life! It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to go about this. Also know that your routines may (and probably will be) much different than mine.

I’ve personally found that personally it has been most powerful to develop strong foundations in the following areas: Intellectual (reading/learning); Physical (exercise/diet); and Spiritual (meditation/prayer). There are many other areas as well, and the beauty is that each individual will find ones that are most important and work for them!

No matter what it is you choose, I truly believe that by spending time and practice each day to build your disciplines and foundations, your overall life will take a dramatic positive shift!

What daily routines are part of your foundation for success?
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