Conquering Workout Fear

We all know what fear is- and I do not mean the Mark Wahlberg movie. In this case, I am talking about the fear that overcomes many of my clients. When it comes to workouts— whether it is lifting weights, jumping, performing a new, unknown exercise, or just the idea of being in the fitness setting— the word “no,” or the “Oh, sh*t!” facial expressions is something I encounter weekly. 

So, let's begin with the idea of fear, “Fear,” by my own definition, is an external factor that impacts someone's ability to execute a task. Fear can be debilitating, or it can be a motivating factor. We all need to overcome fear in some shape or form in our lives.

Applying #nofear (yes, it's a clothing brand) is an idea in life we could all tap into. With my clients, mini-milestones and hurdles go a long way and building trust is number one. But what about when you are not in a group or with your trusted fitness professional? How do you “do you, booboo”? "Be Fearless, Be Bold.” So cliche, yes, but how can you get better if you are not willing to embrace the unknown?

These are the "million dollar" questions I hope to help you find the answers to.

The world of fitness is forever a world of failing; it’s full of accomplishments and failures. Fear in the weight room, the group fitness class, the sporting event— it can lead to failure, or it can lead to greatness. What I have learned in my lifetime, through the military, fitness, and my own interactions, is that fear can be used to drive you. Silence it and harness it, yet don’t dismiss the gut feeling.

Short and sweet, do not be afraid of “making a fool of yourself” by attempting things that are outside of your comfort zone. Do not settle— be a perfectionist instead. And do not worry about the naysayers and haters. Tune them out and cut their negativity out of your life. No one, and I mean no one, has ever not failed when it has come to fitness. They just decide to continue trying.

What are your biggest workout fears?
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