We all come up with excuses. I do it all the time with trivial activities, like folding the laundry, doing the dishes, taking the dog out one more time. We all fall victim to it, myself included, We fall into the daze of the “rat race;” we succumb to the nerves and stress and tell ourselves one of the biggest lies we can think of— I will do it later. 

And later never comes.

None more present than when getting a workout in or starting an exercising program. I am currently in this situation as we speak, taking on tasks to further my career and education along with some other things (for lack of a better term, BS) that has gotten me to a place of complacency. So how do we succeed, or start to complete a task that seems to be mundane or not high on our list of millions of things to do?

I see it two ways (there are way more that, but I see it like this):

Hard Work

“Hard Work,” (in my Mayweather voice) means embracing the grind putting in the work to get where we need to be. Not saying “no,” or “later,” or “soon,” but saying “next I am going to complete this task.” That mentality is not for everyone, and it can be daunting and grueling— almost painful even to have that mentality all the time. But, it can really be effective if you can execute it right.

Looking in the mirror knowing that if you “fail” that day you are failing yourself can be extremely motivational to the right person. Whether it’s to be fit, or whatever else that definition of success means to you, forcing yourself to do something you know is necessary for your life will help other things in life. So, you do what needs to be done.

Love What You Do

The second way to mentally accomplish the hurdles of skipping your workout is enjoyment— having a love for what you do and a love for how you feel. I do not care if it is running with your dog or getting choked out on the mat doing Jiu Jitsu. Do what you love and love what you do.

Find that motivator that makes the grind of the day “worth it.” Knowing for that period of time, the outside world as you know it does not exist and just live in the moment in that happy place. The best stress relief is finding what you are passionate about and love to participate in, and just freaking do it.

Which one am I? At this moment, the time has come for the grind to begin. I have done a lot for the love of what I do, but now I need to balance out and get those other things done. No making excuses, just hard work, work, work. In the end, it doesn’t matter why or how this happened. Now I will restart my journey, and I hope that you can, too.

How do you motivate yourself to get past your mental roadblocks?
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