Playlist 6: Melodies & Messages

A mix of heart, soul, and funky beats.

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“In Common”
Alicia Keys

There’s something about the mysterious undertone of this song that always hooks me when I hear it. The beat during the chorus sounds like reggaeton, the synthesizer is eerie, and Alicia Keys’ soft and echo-y voice is so soultry. And then the tempo picks up with the speed of her delivery, and in the midst of all this sensuality, the lyrics are…dare I say fun? Or at least witty: “If you could love somebody like me you must be messed up too.”

Explaining all of these elements is making me really confused, because they’re so odd and seemingly mismatched, and yet, it’s super catchy and is making me do this awkward dance in my seat. It’s all so fresh and I honestly can’t say I’ve never heard anything like it. Also, my admiration for Alicia’s bare-faced movement is real; her confidence is undeniably beautiful. I’m digging every bit of rawness that’s coming from this song.

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Saints of Valory

I pushed myself out of my comfort zone in several ways today, and by the drive home I was feeling amazing- energized and confident and looking forward to tackling whatever comes my way tomorrow. I let my iPod shuffle and quickly realized that I was drawn to a heavy, powerful drum beat. I rifled through several options that had that feeling, listened to this one and then dismissed it for being too mellow.

I listened through “Remember The Name,” which is my immediate choice when I’m feeling amped and was pretty sure I had made my choice. And then I got home and found myself humming the battle cry that is the chorus of “Kids.” So I listened to it again!

The lead singer repeats the line “Welcome to my story…,” which I actually shared a lot of today. I opened up to my supervisor, allowing her to get a better sense of my story- who I am and where I’m coming from in my educational and personal journey. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful it feels to be open with someone, whether in a smaller or more substantial way.

Giving her a glimpse into my thoughts helped me break down some more walls so she could better help me, even by providing simple moments of encouragement. I don’t doubt that this conversation was a catalyst to my “go-get-‘em” outlook, likely because I felt a little extra support from a person I look up to.

This song feels like an invitation into someone’s world, like someone opening their arms with a powerful exclamation saying “here I am,” which was a pretty an encompassing theme throughout the day. And here I am thinking this pick was all about a drum beat!

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“It Girl”
Jason DeRulo

Confession: I listened to JDR for about an hour this afternoon.

Bigger confession: I’m not even mad about it.

I think he’s actually got a really great voice, and this song put me in an even better mood than I was in. A catchy whistle is always a great hook, so right off the bat, I was bopping along. I sometimes find his music corny, but there’s something super charming about it, too. I was so charmed, in fact, that I was able to overlook the part where he says he loves his girl more than a Grammy award. Either that means I’m losing my mind, or I truly had a carefree attitude today!

It definitely helped that we had the most gorgeous weather, and that I was feeling lots of love right from the get-go this morning. Deep down, this is a song about appreciating the person you’re with and feeling a connection, so I can get behind that message. I swear I won’t take it any further than that. Adorable, catchy, upbeat, and perfectly pop-y.

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Walk the Moon

I had a bout of musical indecision today, flipping from artist to artist and feeling extremely non-committal. I eventually landed on Walk the Moon, seemingly fitting for another beautiful day because they’re super fun. There’s something about this song, in particular, that’s a little off-kilter, the tempos shift and the timing and beat are a little irregular, but that’s part of what makes me like it. Even the way he delivers the chorus is kind of punchy; the awkward dancing I was doing on Monday has converted into some weird shoulder moves, and all I can say is that I’m glad no one can see me writing this.

I took a look at the lyrics and actually think this song is about wanting to spend time with someone and being bummed when you have to leave them (at least that’s how I see it), which I can relate to on the realest of levels. I’m in the midst of planning a trip to visit my boyfriend who lives in Ireland, and who I haven’t seen in almost 3 months. I’ve been itching to plan this trip since I got back from my last one in January so to say that I’m excited is an understatement! Our story has been an adventure in and of itself, and I truly look forward to having a ton more of them with him. I guess I see this song as an ode to all of the adventures, surprises, and fun that awaits us!

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“No Name”
Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Second Friday in a row where a song recommendation from The Whatismyhealth Community made my pick! So here’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s story…

He was on Britain’s Got Talent so naturally, I watched his video to learn the back story for this original song. He wrote it for a girl that he’d been friends with for years who didn’t know he was in love with her. He wouldn’t say her name on TV, which was absolutely adorable, and then he sang.


After he finished, still refusing to spill the girls’ name, he assured the judges that she would know it was for her once she watched the show.


Is it a coincidence that Ryan O’Shaughnessy is Irish? Yes. Is it a coincidence that I’m connecting to a song about falling for someone? Not a chance. My boyfriend and I are really open about how we feel about each other now, but I remember feeling a lot of excitement and uncertainty before the relationship really began; it can be scary to put yourself out there and not know what you’ll get in return!

I bet a lot of us have had similar experiences, and hopefully, we’re all looking back at them now and realizing how much has changed for the better since then. I always smile when I think about how my boyfriend and I got to where we are. I’m still amazed by all the good that can come out of taking a chance and following your heart, whether it be sharing a song on national television or taking you across an ocean.

Weekly Wrap-Up

A little lyrical, a little melodic, a little sentimental, a little fun. This was an all-encompassing week for me, but overall really positive. 

Stand-Out Song: “Kids”

If there were to ever be a movie made about my life, I think I’d play this song over a montage of memories and important moments.

What song tells part of your story?
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