Playlist 7: Overcoming Doubt

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“Stand Up”

I had my speaker playing while making some food when this song came on. Flobots drop an f-bomb right in the middle, which I truly thought nothing of. My dad, who was nearby and who I’ll simply describe as extremely conservative, came into the kitchen saying he “didn’t want to hear that type of language in his house.”

I gave some calm rebuttals which got me nowhere and quickly realizing this wasn’t a fight I wanted to have, I put my headphones on. But within the two-minute space that this interaction occupied, I became extremely upset.

There is no getting around the fact that this is a political song, but this is not a political post; frankly, it’s not my style to publicly express my political opinions. This is a post about openness and acceptance. Some people structure their mindset around these seemingly unwritten guidelines, yet I often find that people use these types of guidelines and are then unwilling to consider the bigger picture.

Being forced to turn off this song is such a minor example of a much larger issue: dismissing things without being open to understanding the whole story. My dad was so concerned about one single word being said rather than taking a moment to consider the message of the song, which was so much greater than one f-bomb. And in the real world, that type of mindset can perpetuate a lot of negativity.

Disagreeing is fine. Having your own opinions is beautiful. And voicing your opinions in a respectful way? Amazing. But keeping your eyes, ears, and mind completely closed to things that you don’t like or don’t agree with can have a negative impact on how you view the world and how the world views you.

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“Just Breathe”
The Unlikely Candidates

Let me start off by saying that my iPod was KILLING it today. There were about 15 songs in a row that were totally perfect; I love when that happens. There were so many good ones that I didn’t feel any pull towards any particular ones, but during a two-hour online certification course, this one kept playing in my head (see: easily distracted).

I had a strange day at internship, one where I created what turned out to be an uneasy situation which I do not feel that I handled nearly as well as I could have. At the time I didn’t think much of it but instead chalked it up to being inexperienced and knowing I’d do better next time. After rehashing things with more than one member of the support staff, I realized I could have potentially created a really bad situation.

I do have an opportunity to improve the situation tomorrow, but I’m pretty disappointed in myself for not having realized how major it was at the time. I later committed to an assignment that feels way outside the realm of my abilities, but the braver side of me knew I had to accept regardless of my fears or reservations. Needless to say, I was totally overwhelmed by the end of the day.

I can’t say this song holds much emotional significance for me, or that I connected with the lyrics, or really gravitated towards the music. I truly think the title was what I was looking for, a brief and simple reminder to continue to breathe and plug along. So that’s what I did, stayed aware of my breathing, stayed calm and ultimately tempered my anxiety. It’s such a relief to start noticing improvements in how I handle stress and very encouraging as I continue to work hard to build those skills.

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“Chasin’ After You”

Feeling distracted and anticipating a challenging day, I let a bunch of random songs shuffle through on the morning drive. This one came on and it made me smile like a goofball.

A little over a year ago, my friends and I went to an O-Town concert that was held in a small auditorium at a YMCA about 25 minutes from home. I researched tickets on a whim, and though neither of my two friends were major O-Town fans, they agreed to join me. And let me tell you, that show was ridiculously fun. I’m not sure if it was because the theater was so tiny, or because the now foursome understood that they were quite low on the boy band totem pole back in the day and therefore didn’t take themselves too seriously, but it was honestly a blast.

We totally “fan-girled” as the boys sang and danced and charmed their way into our hearts. Now whenever I hear this song, I’m instantly reminded of that show and am put in a good mood. I really feel like the song and the memories behind it helped keep me in good spirits today; any time it began playing in my head I giggled and thought about that concert.

Oh, and we got to meet them too. I got signatures and told them about my VHS collection of “Making The Band” recordings. Teenage dream come true.

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“Ready To Go”
Panic! At The Disco

‘Twas an extremely busy Thursday, and I think this song reflects that energy. I listened to it in the morning, not completely realizing the extent of how eventful things were about to get, but I think by the end of the day I had deemed it appropriate out of all the Panic! songs I was jamming to (I have 10 on my iPod and truly never realized how much I like them! I’m definitely going to need to add to my collection).

There was a part of me that enjoyed bouncing from one appointment to another; it was a controlled chaos that I feel I managed really well, and in the midst of it, even thrived in certain areas. In contrast to the title and lyrics, I often doubt my readiness for certain things pertaining to my career, but seeing as I only have four weeks left until I have my MASTERS (which I can’t even comprehend), I figure I may as well throw myself into as many things as possible and trust that even if I don’t take off and fly, I’ll at least fall and land safely on my feet.

The therapists at my site use the phrase “fake it ‘til you become it.” They feel that saying “fake it ‘til you make it” implies that what’s most important is achieving some sort of title, or become outwardly “successful.” “Fake it ‘til you become it,” on the other hand, lends itself more to doing your best until you become your best. It’s a pretty clever twist on that motto.

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“Wonderful World”
James Morrison

Leaving an all-day Creative Arts Therapy conference and feeling displeased with the overall experience, I was looking for a song to ease my frustration. I was unsure what that would sound like until I gave this song a listen. I found the mid-tempo beat easy to listen to, but what I really enjoyed about this tune is the way James Morrison sinks into it. He’s behind the beat, rather than making his delivery really precise. It’s got a groove, one that grounds me and that I can feel in my chest. I’m sure there are more technical ways to describe what I mean, but alas I’m not a musician so I can only do my best to explain the feeling it gave me.

On top of the grounded-ness of the music itself, there’s his voice. The rasp literally makes me feel warm inside, and he sings with so much emotion and this underlying sense of desperation like he has to get his words out before he loses his mind. His music is like a full-bodied experience for me. I am a major fan of his and have been for years. I actually think he’s the only one of my back-in-the-day favorite artists that I have yet to see in concert! I’ll actively keep my eyes peeled from here on out.

Weekly Wrap-Up

I had several moments of frustration and doubt this week, and I really used music to help refocus my energy.

Stand-Out Song: “Stand Up”

I was startled by the strong reactions that came from this song, both from my dad and from myself.

What songs have your parents forced you to turn off in your house?
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