The Power of Guidance

Think about how you learned to do most things in your life. Chances are someone taught, mentored, or coached you. Others can show us how to do something we may not know how to do ourselves at first.

Did you know that almost all of the “greats” in life in various fields and industries have mentors, too? Tiger Woods has four (yes, four) coaches who monitor different parts of his golf swing, because they can see things he won’t be able to see on his own. Tony Robbins himself even has mentors he seeks counsel from for insights, feedback, and advice.

The point I’m trying to make is that anyone, no matter who you are, can greatly benefit from mentorship if you are open and willing to learn. No matter how great we may be at something, or even if we have no experience, there is no end in learning and development. It’s truly a life-long process. No man or woman is an island, I believe we can all greatly benefit from the right mentorship and guidance.

Some recent examples of this from my own life are in yoga, CrossFit, and marathon running. I had no prior experience in yoga, never tried CrossFit, and the longest I ran pre-marathon training was at most 3 miles consecutively. With the help of some outstanding mentors, I learned how to do these seemingly complex disciplines over the course of a year.

When I think of my own professional growth in public speaking, I sought out professional help as well. I’ve gone from being a college kid to a business professional, and I’m now able to speak to 100 plus people.

Do you see a pattern here?

Mentors, coaches, and teachers act like a compass and GPS system on our personal journeys in life. Also, a powerful and effective mentor, coach, or teacher will give you essential feedback on your performance, acting like fertilizer to your personal growth. The right ones will share with you what it may have taken them years to learn by trial and error- not to mention, this can save you so much time!

Seeking mentorship is one of the best things we can do as we progress through life. The great news is that if you are unsure of which people to find, you can always use books written by experts in the field, and use the book as a coach. Books are a very accessible tool to use If you are really willing to study, absorb, and utilize the information. I’ve also reaped innumerable rewards from seeking out such effective coaches and teachers, and attending seminars, classes, and workshops.

I received a humbling compliment on my growth recently. I replied that it was thanks to all of the magnanimous mentors who I’ve been so fortunate to learn from throughout my personal journey thus far. Without them, I would not be who, and where I am today.

Life is a continuous journey and malleable experience. As soon as we think we’ve arrived and don’t need to learn or grow anymore, that is when life will catch up to us! So, I challenge you to seek out a mentor, coach, teacher, class, seminar, book, or training program. These things can provide you invaluable learning and experience, which can help bring your life to the next level!

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