Success and Pain, Pride and Shame

Let’s talk about image, about the way we see things, and more importantly: the way we see ourselves.

If you think about it, we are different than everyone else. Not one person sees us exactly the same, and right they shouldn’t. There isn’t a “box” or a “category” that we fit into. But, if you believe that then we may also feel we have a lot of work to do.

Sure, we work on things that we think will make us feel better about ourselves. We don’t always think about where that thought process came from, what has molded it. If we have looked at the root of that thought process, how closely should we hold onto that?

How can I live a happy life when I’m putting up these barriers, assuming someone is thinking something about me? One, that’ll drive you crazy. Two, who really gives a f*ck what they think? Still, how is it that it can be so easy to love something or someone else, but not nearly as easy to love ourselves? Why are we so easy to dissect and judge ourselves?

Well sh*t, if I had the answer to these things I’d be rich, and maybe not so hard on myself.

via Tenor

via Tenor


How different would life be if we were told at a young age that we are perfect, that we should love ourselves? If we were shown that we are all different and that we ultimately have to love ourselves before we can love anyone or anything else? I believe that we often think that we love something or someone in part to try to fill this void, this void that can truly never be filled by one object or person other than ourselves.

Personally, there have been a lot of struggles in my life, especially when it has come to loving myself. I found a greater purpose, something to work for— my daughter. She’s at an age now where body image is super important.

If we could, think back to our teens and remember how we felt about our bodies. Changing in the locker rooms, and swimming, or being in gym class. I try to think back to that time and tell myself then what I know now: that the people we admired during that time often went through the same things we go through, which still holds true to present day.

I’m not here to tell you how to fix or change those things. I’m here to share the success and the pain I’ve had, the pride and the shame. With everything in life there is a balance, and if we learn anything, it’s to walk that fine line.

via Gifer

via Gifer


I don’t wanna sound preachy. I don’t wanna say that anyone did anything wrong in your upbringing. I’m more so saying we need to deconstruct that thought process. I hope that you can take these words and be inspired. Think outside what society has molded us to think.

Be well, be happy, be kind, be loved.

What are 3 positive words that describe how you see yourself?
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